MQTT Authentication

The user can Subscribe/Publish to the the MQTT service at using their credentials.

Enable Conduit

The user must have the MQTT checkbox enabled on the Conduit feature.


The user can now Subscribe/Publish to the the MQTT service at using the credentials provided.

Note: Authentication is achieved by a combination of the authenticating users password and token. It is highly recommended that this user is a special user in the system that does not normally log in.

token [REQUIRED]: The unique security token for each user. This is available from the User window in AlphaX. This parameter is required to access the conduit service, if confused about how to get token, please contact the Minnovation Team. The token will be your username.

username [REQUIRED]: The password of the user for whom the service has been enabled for. This parameter is mandatory, if not defined, you will receive an error message and not be able to connect to the MQTT service.

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