Usage Examples

These examples provide a starting point and can be modified based on your specific requirements. Always ensure that you are using the correct parameters and their values for successful data retrieval

How to Use The Examples

  1. Replace `xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx` with your valid token.

  2. Replace `xxxxxxxxxx` in `fcdt` and `tcdt` with your desired start and end time respectively in 10 digit unix timestamp format.

  3. If you are accessing data for a specific entity, replace `xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx` in `siteid` with your entity ID. Support Article here:

ConduitV7 Examples

Get hourly sum from all channels of device xxx-cam-010 in a time range:

Get hourly sum from channel 1 of device cos-cam-010 in a time range

Get raw data from all devices of an entity in the last 1 hour

Get daily range of hourly average from all devices of the entity that the token is assigned to in a time range

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