General Architecture

AlphaX splits its services into 2 general components, Data In and Data Out, these are sometimes referred to as upstream and downstream.


The architecture of the AlphaX Cloud's Conduit API, as detailed in the provided document, encompasses a comprehensive ecosystem designed to facilitate efficient data flow from field devices to enterprise-level applications.

The key components of the architecture include:

  1. Field Devices: These are the initial sources of data, encompassing a variety of sensors and devices deployed in the field.

  2. MQTT Service: A messaging protocol that allows for the secure and efficient transmission of data between devices and the server.

  3. LoRaWAN Network Server: This component manages communication between field devices and the network using the LoRaWAN protocol.

  4. AlphaX Web Application: An interface for users to interact with the system, configure settings, and visualize data.

  5. AlphaX Storage: The data storage solution within the architecture, designed for high availability and reliability.

  6. Gatekeeper Service: Manages authentication and authorisation to ensure secure access to system resources.

  7. HTTP GET Services (V4, V6, and V7): These are the core components allowing for modular data input and output configurations, ensuring flexibility and scalability in data management and integration.

  8. HTTP POST Services: This is a HTTP Post service designed for trasferring data from other cloud based applications or sensors and devices with HTTP capability

Each component plays a critical role in ensuring that data flows seamlessly from the edge into the enterprise for analysis and consumption, providing a robust framework for managing complex data ecosystems.

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