MQTT Publish Format V2

MQTT Publish format V2 is a user friendly, human readable JSON package for sending data to a device on AlphaX Cloud.

Best for Cloud to Cloud transfers

Publishing Data to AlphaX Cloud using is a relatively simple process. The user must format his/her data in the correct way and simply publish it to the AlphaX Cloud MQTT service. The AlphaX system will automatically take care of the rest!

NOTE: The user must first enable Conduit using his/her user profile. Follow this article here for help:

The user must also enable the MQTT checkbox on the Conduit feature.

The user can now Subscribe/Publish to the the MQTT service at using the credentials provided.

Publish Topic V2

<token>/<device id>/pub/v2

token [REQUIRED]: The unique security token for each user. This is available from the User window in AlphaX. This parameter is required to access the conduit service, if confused about how to get token, please contact the Minnovation Team.

device id [REQUIRED]: The unique network ID that is used to register and track the device in the AlphaX system. This parameter is mandatory, if not defined, you will receive an error message.

Publish Message V2

payload[REQUIRED]: The byte array that contains the data for the publish. The data must assume the standard data format for AlphaX as documented here:

Formatting the Payload

The data array should be an array of Objects that are configured in the following key:value pair format:

data: [
  channelId : integer; // the channel identifier for the value
  value : number; // the value of the data (16 digit maximum length)

Note: AlphaX has several reserved channels. These are outlined in the channel plan help article. Please ensure that channel ID’s are correctly mapped to these channel numbers to take advantage of features such as battery life predictions and auto Geo-Location of devices.

Note: AlphaX has a limit of 16 data channels per device. Should additional channels be required, we suggest splitting the data over 2 seperate data sources.

Example Usage

Publish to




"data": [
       "channelId": 1,
       "value": 462.467835
       "channelId": 255,
       "value": 3.976

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