Common Issues & Troubleshooting

The ConduitV7 API is complicated. Below are some common issues and troubleshooting tips to help you solve problems you may encounter while using the ConduitV7 API.

  1. Authentication Error: If you receive an authentication error, ensure that you are using a valid token. If you have not activated your token, refer to the above-mentioned help article.

  2. Data Limit Reached:

    • If limitData returns true, you have reached the maximum record input limit. Consider filtering or reducing the amount of data you are sending.

    • If limitOutput returns true, you have reached the maximum request data limit. Consider requesting data in smaller batches or within a narrower timeframe.

  3. Data Inconsistencies: If the data seems inconsistent or doesn’t match expected values, check the caland offset values. These represent calibration factors and offsets applied to the data.

  4. Timezone Issues: Ensure that the timezone field matches your expected timezone, as it can impact the interpretation of timestamp values in the data.

  5. No Data Received: If you do not receive any data, ensure that your request parameters (such as date ranges, sensor ids, etc.) are correctly set.

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